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Guide to Choosing Fleet Tracking Dash Cam

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Dashboard tracking cameras are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as companies and individuals are using them in their vehicles. One of the challenges most companies experience involves choosing the best dashboard cameras for their fleet of vehicles. In this article, we will take you through the steps to follow in choosing the right camera for your vehicles.

Though there are a number of dashboard camera; it is a good idea for companies to ensure that the one they are choosing have HD Fleet GPS tracking options. When it comes to choosing the correct dash cam provider, ensure that it has an established track record if developing GPS solutions. When you purchase dash cams for your fleet, the purchase need to create a long-term relationship with the provider as the manufacturer will make and offer quality products and support you throughout the contract. The beauty about getting a dash cam with vehicle tracking options is that it will offer real-time location data something which is vital in locating the fleets and also enable companies to monitor them on one platform. The fact that you can monitor your vehicles from one platform it lowers the operational costs.

The other consideration includes checking eh video quality of the cams. The quality of the videos is essential, as a result, ensure they are of high definition to provide clear footage and video evidence. The best quality cameras to choose are those with at least 1920 x 1080p video recording quality as they will guarantee clear and sharp images.

In addition, companies need to also pay attention to the speed of internet connectivity of the fleet tracking dash cams they want to buy. At times, companies may be tempted to install dash cams that record to an SD card; however, such cams are not the best since the data in them can be deleted by the drivers. Instead of getting such cams, fleet companies need to look for those with 3G or 4G internet connectivity as they allow videos to be sent in real-time to an admin portal for immediate review. The fact that the admin can see the videos recorded by the fleet tracking dash cams makes it easier for them to monitor poor driving behaviors such as dangerous, reckless or fatigued driving and that the videos are not tampered with before reaching their desk. Know more facts about fleet tracking, go to

The other consideration involves choosing tracking cams that come with paperless vehicle checks. In order for fleet companies to keep up with the strict fleet legislation, there is a need for them to operate well-maintained, roadworthy and safe vehicles at all times. When looking for ways on keeping up with the strict fleet regulations, you should consider using paperless vehicle checks. The paperless checks are vital since fleet companies can monitor their vehicles from one source without having to incur additional costs. By paying attention to the steps mentioned in this article, you can be assured of getting the best fleet tracking dash cam. Start here!